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Lighting Technology :

We supports a wide variety of applications including theater, live concert, TV shows, events, and architectural illumination. In addition to a range of control consoles, accessories, followspots, networking devices, etc. Whatever lighting need you may have.

Dome Setup:

We supports a wide variety of the Dome sizes and technology suits all type of events, we have been done with the biggest Smart Dome in the Egypt and the Middle East

live Setup:

we have the capabilities to provide live events in the world. graphics and media servers – as well as custom proprietary products, are all designed and packaged as reliable redundant systems to protect you from the unforeseen emergency. We can even provide modular compact and flexible live broadcast systems and on-site control rooms, with guaranteed rapid deployment.

LED Screen :

Indoor, outdoor, creative Design or Ghost, we specialize in helping you to find the right product  for your show. No matter how simple or complex buyessay your ideas may be we have the products and the team to make them a reality.