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About Hi-LightsGroup

About Hi-LightsGroup

About Hi-LightsGroup


Hilights Group growth as a company has paralleled the development of modern technology in the live entertainment industry and events field. Founded in 1991 as one of the leading turnkey creativity and innovation projects company in MENA “Middle East and North of Africa” as well as GCC.

We believe in keeping the clients happy, satisfied and providing them with the service at a very competent quality. Through our group of expertise and highly professional staff and technicians, our company is being famous for its creativity, quality, highest and latest technologies, reliability, on time delivery and professionalism.

Our extensive resources can be rapidly deployed to meet client needs, and our extensive liaisons with public sector influencers help us facilitates planning, permissions and protocol on behalf of our clients. As we specializing in field of all campaigns type in not only Egypt but also regionally, our related companies provide us priority in GCC and international campaigns for our clients, as we did many successful campaigns, marketing campaigns, event management and commissioning, helping all occasions and festivals that define countries event calendar.

With more than 29+ years accomplishing thousands successful projects, have earned a solid reputation of being always up to date in using the latest technologies among the diversified sectors between: Gov, private, national and international companies and executing all types of events successfully



Being proudly HilightsGroup is a multi-winning awards company in the field of audio visual equipment and the-state-of-the-art LED screens, 3D mapping, laser shows, visual effects, live shows (creation and innovation), combined rigging shapes and more.

We provide the full services with full range solutions “Consultancy, operation, Designing, Innovation, theming-decoration, Management and Execution” For all Occasions “Mega Events, Exhibitions, TV Shows, Live concerts”. Due to our writing essay policy in the field, our company is always up to date with the latest technologies in “Lighting, Sound system, Huge LED Screens, 3D Mapping, Laser shows, Visual Effects, Live Shows, combined ragging shapes, large scale structures to VIP tents, Production rentals, Customized stands, Build-up large temporary pavilions with interior fit out”.

We can handle any size event, anywhere, When it comes to the world’s biggest events, organizers prefer to rely on those who have proven that they can meet the requirements set. We have been an excellent service provider at all Mega Events all over Egypt and Middle East, Each year, We invests significant sums in the latest equipment Technology, which is considered a given at the world’s major events.

Innovative Events and Production Solutions

As an established global leader with a culture that balances creativity and pragmatic engineering, with the thoughtful integration audiovisual technologies such as lighting, audio, video, and staging, with the latest innovations of projection mapping, interactive content systems, LED technologies.

Solutions to Enhance Your Live Event

we have well trained team handle all works with your team from the ground up to make your event an experience to remember, We have the latest resources and technologies for audiovisual field that matches your view, With our focus on live theater , meetings, concerts, special events and broadcast,

We are specializes in executing creative visions and bringing them to life. We have a variety of services that can be customized and used to leave a lasting impression on your audience.

We understands the architectural lighting customer’s objectives and is able to provide solutions through design and technology. We can provide value engineering without sacrificing reliability or quality and offer very fast turnaround on engineering drawings, 3D mapping.

Providing the live concert industry with the latest equipment from lighting, video, audio, media servers, Led screens, and staging. We supply advanced solutions and support to ensure that productions will be the best equipped.

TV shows in a studio, a large stadium, or on location; one-off productions or long running series, we have a long history of working in television and supporting designers and technicians in the broadcast domain.